What are Cymatics and how do they affect our DNA?

Cymatics refers to the study of the structure sound waves form in the air and how sound affects matter in the world.

The word itself is derived from the Greek word “kyma,” meaning “wave”, and “kinesis.” Cymatics is a science that was brought into human awareness by Swiss physicist Hans Jenny.

An Accidental Discovery

He began his study of cymatics after accidentally spilling milk onto a plate that had sand sprinkled on it and then putting a violin bow on the plate, noticing that as he moved along the sand created different shapes in response to vibrations he created with his bow. This lead him to investigate how notes played on an instrument would resonate with glass, metal, or wood objects, which would then be touched by light waves to form visible sound waves and patterns.

It is important to understand that the human body is also a type of cymatic structure. The frequency of sound waves affects the molecules in our cells and changes their shape. We are surrounded by these frequencies all day, every day, whether we know it or not. Our thoughts create vibrations in us that can be translated into frequencies that literally speak to the cells in our body and tell them how to react without our conscious awareness or volition.

The human body is a group of frequencies. The more balanced these frequencies are, the better the health of the individual. That’s why we need to reconnect to nature and live in harmony with it, so that our body parts can vibrate in unison. And, that’s why sound therapy is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself on a daily basis.

Understanding The Earth’s Energy

The Schumann resonance frequency is measured scientifically as 7.83 Hz. This resonance frequency is an ELF (Extra Low Frequency) vibratory rate that naturally exists between the surface of the earth and the ionosphere above – called “Earth’s Electrical Energy”. It is a frequency that we all can naturally attune to. The Schumann resonance frequency has been proven to be an extremely relaxing and healing frequency for humans.

Because of the good, healthy frequencies in cymatics, these shapes found in nature are often referred to as fotones (photons). They have the ability to change our DNA to help us think more positively and improve the performance of our cells. The idea is that we can take what we learn from cymatics and apply it to everyday life situations. We can use it as a form of intelligent energy medicine.

In nature, these sacred patterns can be found in flowers, on the shell of an egg, or in a piece of wood. These structures are made by nature and they have their own frequencies that have harmonic convergences where opposites blend and interact. Sacred geometry has been used since ancient times to create harmony and balance in the environment around us, which is what you need for your own body to function properly.

“The Missing Link”

Cymatics represents the connection between all things – how we relate to them with each other using sound as a medium to communicate with our DNA. Through frequency and vibration, we are able to change ourselves not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.

The energy from sound is very powerful and it reaches the cells in our body – it’s that simple. It can be used for healing, which is why it’s so important for us to use the right frequency to tap into. In my opinion, music is the language of the Universe and we are using this amazing tool to shape our world and send positive vibration out into space when we play music together for our planet.

Sound is holographic and that means the frequencies can be seen visually. When cymatic shapes are created using sand or water, these waves and patterns will form naturally in the medium. Different frequencies create different shapes and each shape carries a specific meaning that helps us attain a particular state of mind or consciousness. The frequencies bring balance and health back to the body by allowing it to vibrate at its true, natural frequency again.

What is your frequency?

We all try to tune our bodies according to various stimuli in life whether we realize it or not. Whether a person is stuck in traffic, dealing with an argument at home, struggling trying to balance their finances or under too much stress when they are working too many hours – whatever the situation might be – we react in certain ways physically depending on our environment.

Now imagine what happens when you use cymatic frequencies on your body and mind to tune in to Mother Earth’s natural healing energy. You can learn from all the books and information available about sacred geometry cymatic frequencies, but what you see in cymatics is something that is alive. It’s not just static, it comes alive through the medium of sound.

You can learn music theory and then play music as an act of love toward your fellow man or woman, but the real fun comes in experiencing what happens on a physical level when you allow certain sounds to interact with your body. The way it works is by tuning into these frequencies (cymatic shapes) and creating a mind-body connection via sound waves through the use of resonance.

If there is a part of your vibrational energy out of alignment, then simply listening to the sounds, you become imprinted with their geometry and come back into harmony with your body. When you learn to speak to the cells in your body with frequencies that line up according to a particular shape or pattern, then they start to vibrate in tune with the sound waves and therefore send out a message of renewal, thus restoring your body and your mind.

Ancient Wisdom For Today

Sacred geometry has been used for centuries and it continues to thrive today because they are the patterns of perfection that create balance and healing. I love sacred geometry because it’s truly a gift from Mother Nature and she has given us the tools we need through music – through the sounds we use for healing on a daily basis. Taking care of our bodies is not always easy but I’ve never felt better when I spend time attuning to these special sounds found in nature using cymatic frequencies.

But don’t just go out there and use any random frequencies you happen to find. There is so much misinformation out there it’s just overwhelming and I’m always being asked “what is the right frequency or sound that I should use?” That’s why I’ve created a new tool called the Sound Manifestation Wheel™ that gives you the science, the facts, and the exact frequencies used by successful people in various fields. This is so powerful and I was only able to create this thanks to my higher self guidance.

I wanted to create an easy-to-follow system where you could learn how to harness the power of sound and frequency through music and the process of alchemy in order to transform your life. You can learn how to discover what frequencies work best for you using this tool, and then you can apply them directly through your own body.

The frequency combination for each shape will allow you to become attuned to these sacred geometric shapes and patterns in a way that will help heal your body on many different levels.

Awakening a new frequency

That’s not all. If you think about this at a higher level, would you rather have messy, misaligned thoughts or ones that are in harmony, balance and symmetry with your higher being? I know that sound upgrades the quality of your thoughts and I’m always looking for new ways to do this. It’s not just about healing your body but it’s also about upgrading your consciousness in order to live a more fulfilling life.

We all have a reason we chose to experience a human life, even as challenging as it sometimes can be but we should be grateful that we have the opportunity to grow into something greater than we ever imagined. We choose whether we’re going to experience this life with the right tools or not.

I have had many experiences with sacred geometry through cymatic frequencies and I know how powerful they are. I’m on a mission to bring these amazing sounds and their healing properties to you because I know you’re going to love them too.

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