The Omega Healing Suite • New Life Frequencies

The Omega Healing Suite

Do you need vibrational support in bringing more light into your body?

Are you looking for specifically designed music and frequencies engineered with your exact needs in mind?

Then the Omega Healing Suite is for you.

In this vibrational healing toolkit you get support for each chakra on your journey into alignment:

  • 7 x 432Hz Holographic Sound Healing Music MP3s
  • 7 x 432Hz Holographic Sound Healing Basic Custom Frequencies MP3s
  • 7 x 432Hz Holographic Sound Healing Advanced Custom Frequencies MP3s
  • 7 x 432Hz Holographic Sound Healing Pure Tones MP3s

This is a comprehensive vibrational support package that will:

  • Support you as you consciously work on your attuning your Chakras
  • Help you release past low vibe emotions that may be holding you back
  • Guide you in centering yourself into a place of calm and observation

This means that you’ll be able to:

  • Energetically & emotionally free yourself from behaviours that have kept you stuck and stagnant
  • Act on the choices that are consistent with your highest vibrations
  • Logically decide from a place of neutrality how best to proceed in life

By developing in this way you can:

  • Act from your Heart
  • Trust in yourself
  • Follow your soul’s guidance

To buy the components of this package individually would cost you $1536 USD.

But you’re not going to pay anywhere near that…

I am offering you this package for just $597 USD

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