Healing music with 432 Hz frequency to clear your chakras and activate the light within.

432 Hz Music For Light Work is a collection of Transformative Music for all Light Workers, Sound Healers, Reiki Masters and Massage Practitioners as well as for Channels who want to use the Highest Vibrational Frequencies to activate their light and clear their Chakras. 432 Hz frequency music is also very beneficial for any individual who desires to purify and transmute lower energies into higher frequencies of light.

Many of the healing modalities and energy work practices are very focused on the client, but what about the practitioner? The practitioners need support too. They also need to feel good after working with people all day! It’s not always easy.

This is where Music For Light Work comes in

Music for Light Work is a new form of music that can be used for light work. It provides an energetic balance between you and your clients. The 432 Hz frequency produces a calm and energizing effect so you both get more out of your sessions. It’s music made specifically for light workers who want to do their best work every time they go into session or practice.

Balancing sacred frequencies and heart-based melodies, these glowing vibrations will help you get into the right state of mind to feel and express love, peace, joy and harmony. My intention is to provide you with effective tools to heal yourself and others in your everyday life.

I am very excited to offer this product to the world and bring more angelic/light music into everyone’s life. This music was channeled from higher realms to help you feel good, feel your best, so I could share with you the activated light energies that I’ve been receiving through my own work. My music has been part of my healing process and I would like to share it with all other healers so they can experience the benefits as well.

Ancient Technology

432Hz is a re-emerging technology with ancient roots: Vedic text show that it was a frequency used to communicate with the Angelic realms which which means it can help you communicate with angels and activate your light body.

432Hz has been successfully used by Sound Healers, Healers & Channellers for over 20 years now. It has proven to be effective for clearing and energizing the chakras, activating spiritual ascension & empowerment.

While in a traditional setting this combination of sounds might not be enough to manifest the results you want or get rid of an unwanted situation however in today’s world there is so much more available to help you and make your life easier.

Channeling Source Energy

These days we can have a direct connection with our soul and source of light by using the 432 frequency, which is what I have done in my healing work for the last 10 years. An example is using channeled light from the higher realms and connecting it directly through this music.

432Hz Music for Light Work is the best way to create a deeper sense of connection with your clients, while also helping them relax deeply into their own bodies.

This healing music is created using harmonic mathematics and geometric principles to nourish the body with perfectly aligned sonic frequencies.

Everything around you is made from geometry, even your DNA. Music For Light Work is designed to reflect this perfect symmetry back into your body, your awareness, your consciousness, finally restoring the flow of Sacred Light.

The 12-minute and 60-minute versions are included for people who want a quick, invigorating experience and those who want to take their time.

Music For Light Work Includes:

• Earth Connection: Root
• Sensual Light: Sacral
• Sun Salutation: Solar Plexus
• Heartfelt Depth: Heart
• Divine Truth: Throat
• The Seer: Third Eye
• Trust & Belief: Crown
• Plus secret bonus tracks!