Walk The Quantum Path

I personally invite you to walk The Quantum Path where you can instantly access brain entrainment that is beautiful to listen to and will immerse you in the feelings of:

  • Enjoying a deeper connection with yourself
  • Genuinely aligning your true vibration
  • Embodying your soul power
  • Heart Chakra, Divine Feminine & Inner Child Healing
  • Connecting to higher consciousness

Here’s what you get when you join:

  • Instant access to 432 Hz digital sound healing to download & stream
  • Access to a HUGE library of multidimensional vibrational healing MP3s
  • To KEEP the MP3s from our Group Meditation Watch Parties
  • 7 X Monthly Custom Frequencies MP3s (Value $700)
  • 7 X Monthly Light Code Music MP3s (Value $2240)

You Get All Of This For Just $33 For 30 Days

After 30 days your membership will automatically renew at $33 USD a month thereafter – easily cancel anytime.

Who is this for:

  • People who love meditation but struggle with silent meditation
  • Empaths who need to establish firmer energetic boundaries
  • Anyone who wants to live life with less stress
  • People who need a stronger daily connection to their soul energy
  • Those want to practice heart centred living
  • Those who intend on opening their consciousness to higher vibrations

To join us click the button below:

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What Other People Have Say:

That was ahhhhmazing!!! Omgosh! I am still vibrating extensively! Wow! It too my breath away! ?❤️? thank you for sharing with me! I am in love with it! ?❤️ While listening to it I could see the layers pulled together and being healed! It was amazing the clarity I got! And the melody that my crystal responded with too was intense!
I’m in awe…

Kelsey Goble

THIS, (like all the others I’ve heard so far) is transformative and profoundly moving… I am falling in love with each one, & I’m beyond grateful to John Bass for their creation. I have never slept better than when I listen to the heart chakra meditation one (I have suffered with periodic bouts of insomnia for years?), and now this one… ? I am speechless! It’s simple & delicious how it resonates in my ears, in my brain, & thru my whole body… it’s CALM on a whole new level. Thank you, my amazing and beautiful friend, for bringing these to us….your music is like a balm on an old wound, healing from the inside, out. ??♥️

Tara Marie

Some people are just so beyond talented in what they do, my dear friend John Bass Live is one of them ?
He have this chilling ability with frequency and how it effects us body, mind and spirit, how it can help you to heal and unlock part of your self you might not know existed ✨
This earth is blessed to have you ??
And I am blessed to know you ?❤

Freja Stella Nilsson

I listened to your music via email this morning three times . It is pure brilliance. I think that it’s great that you don’t emphasize your own intent . I listen to a lot of tones and yours have by far been the best I’ve heard
It’s great for programming one’s mind.

Larry Lee King
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