Light Code Music

This is music written in 432 Hz. It is aligned with nature, the body, the planets and the rhythm of the solar system.

Cosmic Rhythm

The music you will receive: 

  • Increases self awareness
  • Balances nervous system
  • Promotes deeper spiritual connection

These beneficial effects will:

  • Help you heal faster and more deeply
  • Deliver the exact vibrational information to your body cells that you need.
  • Tune your mind to the optimal frequency for this to happen.
  • Target the chakras that need calibration the most.

In your world this means that:

  • You feel healthier
  • You follow and live your highest excitement
  • You heal more efficiently 
  • Your energy supports your dreams!

I listened to your music via email this morning three times . It is pure brilliance. I think that it’s great that you don’t emphasize your own intent . I listen to a lot of tones and yours have by far been the best I’ve heard
It’s great for programming one’s mind.

Larry Lee King

Some people are just so beyond talented in what they do, my dear friend John Bass Live is one of them ?
He have this chilling ability with frequency and how it effects us body, mind and spirit, how it can help you to heal and unlock part of your self you might not know existed ✨
This earth is blessed to have you ??
And I am blessed to know you ?❤

Freja Stella Nilsson