How Music Can Improve Your Life

Music is a universal language that has many different meanings for each person and their life. Music can be a form of entertainment, an escape from reality, to make us feel happy or sad, etc. It is also how we connect with one another in this world.
We use music as a way to express our feelings without having the words needed at times since it doesn’t need to be translated by the brain – it’s an instant way to know what someone is feeling.

In recent years, there has been a lot of research done on the effects that music can have on our health and wellness because science hasn’t found many other forms of treatment that are as effective.

Music therapy isn’t about using one song or specific genre for just one purpose; it’s healing and transformative power is pervasive and reaches back through human history for thousands of years. What started as ceremonial drum circles evolved into a myriad of different expression of its universal influence.

But its reach is wider that just therapy or ceremony. In this modern day it’s used for a variety of intentions from recreation and relaxation to mindfulness and spiritual connection.

More and more studies are being done on the effects that music has on our bodies, emotions, moods and brains. It’s becoming apparent how powerful it is in determining what we do and who or how we are. One study found that when people listened to fast tempo pop songs they walked faster than those listening to slower.

Hardwired For Rhythm

As a species we are just hardwired for sound and rhythm, it’s a deeply rooted in our psyche, the rhythms of our breath and the beating of our hearts. The study of frequency and rhythm is something that has led my life for many years in exploring the relationship between human consciousness and it feels like a physical vibration is a little clue from the universe about what lies beyond.

Music influences our moods and emotions. Can music influence the body in positive ways that boost your vibration? The answer is yes, there are many studies documenting how music can affect us physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

It’s a powerful tool for healing as well.

The world is changing as we know it. The walls are falling down and our senses have been opened to all possible forms of communication, but the greatest shifts happen within ourselves. We change locally, spread globally and create a ripple that gathers into awesome waves.

“Playing for healing like an orchestra in perfect harmony with the soundwaves.”

Music can make you feel energized

If you’re stressed out and feeling depleted of the motivation to push yourself, try listening to music that motivates you. It’ll be more effective than any lackluster playlist which is why it’s recommended for people working in businesses with high levels of stress.

Find what works for your body and listen away! As a result, you may find that it’s easier to progress in areas of your life where before you experienced difficulty.

One of the powerful aspects of creating the life you want it knowing how to work with your emotions in a useful way and this is where the energy of sound and rhythm can support you in feeling and performing the best you can even in tough situations.

Music can also be used before an event to help you get into the right mindset and feeling confident about what’s going on ahead. This is why it’s common for people who are preparing for an exam or presentation during their work day to listen to some of their favorite songs as a way of getting psyched up! It’ll make your subconscious mind focused on being in the flow so you perform your best.

Music can also be used in the morning to help you feel energized, motivated and positive about your day ahead. You may find that listening to upbeat music will give you more energy than songs with a slow tempo or heavy beats. Experiment at different times of the day until you figure out what feels best for your mood!

It can change the way you think

Music can be the answer to hard times. It has been shown that people who make music a part of their daily life are able to use it as a way of coping with difficult emotions and creating a more optimistic worldview in life, all while improving emotional resiliency and becoming happier human beings in general!

The power of music is so immense that it can change your brain chemistry. Music has the ability to set a mood, motivate you and help you get through tough times in life. It’s my hope that my work helps you!

Music affects our moods by influencing chemicals like dopamine and serotonin..

Best of all, what suits you is easy to find as I have created the perfect music for to help you on your mind music journey. You can find it in my shop.

Listening to music with others can create new bonds and strengthen existing ones. There’s nothing like a singalong and a good old dance with your friends. This transcends age, sex, language, culture and borders. This innate sense of togetherness is a language everyone understands without needing to explain what it means. Enjoying music with someone you love is a powerful act of unity and connection. It’s my hope that my work helps you to feel more connected to yourself and those around you!

It’s as of music has this intrinsic power of connection built into its DNA that we are only now beginning to fully understand.

Hopefully as humanity evolves more people allow the spirit of music to influence their worldview and their choices for a more loving and compassionate world.

It can be used for healing and meditation

The power of music is that it can change your entire mood, whether you’re alone or with others. Just as sound waves vibrate through the air to create a melody, they also hit and touch all parts of your body. So when you listen to music, these vibrations are passed from your eardrums into the innermost layer and begin working their magic on your brain and this is where real transformation happens .

You have to feel it for yourself to fully comprehend just how powerful and transformative music can be. Music is deep, emotional, personal. It has the power to bring us together in our darkest hours or serve as a reminder of our higher principles and brings meaning to our struggle as humans living through the most radical transformation in human history.

The power of music is in its ability to make our minds feel alive and awake, as well as being a soothing balm on the wounds that life can bring us. It’s like an instant vacation for your mind! When you listen to something that calms your mind enough for it to still then you know that’s what you need to hear.

This is why music therapy has been such a powerful tool in the treatment of anxiety, depression and PTSD. It can make us feel more alive after being so numb for so long because we’re finally feeling again.

The best way to describe it is through this story about how I used to really suffer after my Twin Flame broke up with me. I knew I had to focus on my healing and even in the heart-wrenching pain the music and frequencies I turned to still worked to my total amazement.

Now something that really blew my mind when I started to meditate deeper with the music I was creating is that the more I used it the stronger the effects and the more insight I gained into every area of my life. It’s like experiencing things from a higher perspective and being able to see ways to deal with troubling life issues that I just couldn’t see before.

I was tapping into inner resources that we may not have known existed before by using different frequencies and vibrations through sound to positively impact my life.

We all have a specific frequency that resonates with who we are and music has the power of affecting our consciousness by tuning us into harmony or disharmony respectively.

Music has been proven to activate different parts of the brain. It generates new neural pathways and can even serve as a form of meditation.

Different frequencies have been proven to affect our consciousness positively or negatively , depending on how we use them.

There are so many benefits of using music as a tool to enhance the quality of our lives and it’s worth exploring what kind of frequency resonates with you.

The power is in your hands!

Listening to music can help you focus on the task at hand by blocking out distractions and distracting your mind from other sources of thought which means you can focus for longer periods of time without becoming bore or tired .

The effects of music can differ depending on how you use it. If used with intention, listening to the right type of frequency can generate new neural pathways in your brain which increases neuroplasticity and helps create a more attentive mind.

Listening to music can also be used as a form of relaxation and meditation. Using it in this way helps us feel more relaxed, energized or centred depending on the type of frequency we use.

The entrainment effect is one that many people don’t know about but they should because when you listen to certain types of rhythm within the sound that stimulates certain types of brainwave states, you can be entrained to these frequencies which are like speed dialling certain modes for the mind.


Sound frequencies and rhythms are the building blocks of music but the overall result is so much more that the sum of its parts. It’s a powerful healing tool which can help us to create new neural pathways and improve our mood.

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